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K_2019_Aktiviteettimatkailun vapaasti valittavat

KBW489 Dream Team -opinnot 3 cr
KTWT239 Basics of Serious Games 5 cr
TT00BD41 Linux 5 cr
MMWA189 History of Tourism 3 cr
MMWA010 International Tourism Geography 3 cr
AM00BL13 World of Wines and Beers 5 cr
MMWA206 Introduction to Tourism 4 cr
MMWA301 Hygieniapassi (not translated) 1 cr
AM00BL19 Bar License Pass 1 cr
MMWA185 Matkailun yritystoiminta (not translated) 4 cr
MMWA190 Finnish Culture and Tourism 3 cr
MMWA191 Matkailualan kansainväliset organisaatiot (not translated) 3 cr
MMWA192 Kajaani Culture Points 3 cr
SYWA178 Study in Myötätuuli 3 cr
SHWA236 eMentoring 3 cr
KLVO002 Family and Inheritance Law 3 cr
KLVY040 House and Estate Agency 3 cr
LL00BD55 Organisaatioviestintä (not translated) 5 cr
LT00BE73 Customer Oriented Marketing 5 cr
LT00BE97 Financial Planning 3 cr
KLVY076 Housing Company Accounting and Administration 3 cr
KLVY089 Employee skills: Succeed and Develop as a Subordinate Employee 3 cr
KLVY090 Women and Leadership 3 cr
KLVY001 New Trends in Leadership and Management 5 cr
KLAB004 Introduction to Production and Logistics 3 cr
KLVY012 Organizational Psychology 3 cr
KIPA041 Business Planning 3 cr
KLVY110 Internationalising a Company 3 cr
KLVY013 Export and Import Routines 3 cr
KLVY072 Public Administration 3 cr
KLVY014 Risk Management 3 cr
KLVY031 Securities Trade 3 cr
KLVY053 Payroll Administration 3 cr
KLVY105 Innova Start Up 5 cr
KLVY188 JA Start Up Program 10 cr
KLWY015 Personal Taxation 3 cr
KLWY057 Staff Induction Plan for an Organization 3 cr
KLWY115 Knowledge on working life issues 3 cr
KLWY125 Global Business Cultures 3 cr
KLAB016 Management Accounting 5 cr
TYW517 Production Planning 4 cr
TYW518 Product Development 4 cr
KBDE011 Basic German 2 3 cr
KBDE012 Basic German 3 3 cr
KLVK018 German / Fakten über Finland 3 cr
KLVK015 German/Deutsche Grammatik 3 cr
KLVK050 Basic Russian 1 5 cr
KLVK053 Business Russian 3 cr
KLWY049 French Grammar 3 cr
KLVK032 Swedish/Fakta inom din bransch 3 cr
KLVK041 Swedish/Norden i ett nötskal 3 cr
KLVK071 Spanish for Working Life 1 3 cr
KLVK072 Spanish for Working Life 2 3 cr
KBIT011 Basic Italian 2 3 cr
KLVK051 Basic Russian 2 3 cr
KLVK052 Basic Russian 3 3 cr
KBPC003 Academic Writing 3 cr
KLVY099 Going Global 3 cr
SYWA002 Toimiminen Kamo ry:n hallituksessa (not translated) 3 cr
TYW380 Opiskelijatuutoritoiminta (not translated) 3 cr
KTPT003 Introduction to Programming 5 cr
KTPT004 Object Oriented Programming 5 cr
TYW507 Cloud Services 5 cr
KBW636 St. Petersburg Study Trip 3 cr
LT00BS21 Nordic Business Forum 2 cr
LT00BS22 Nordic Business Forum 3 cr
KLVK054 Basic German 1 5 cr
TYW098 Occupational Legislation and Safety 3 cr
LT00BS01 Elements of AI 2 cr
TYW095 Rock Blasting Technique 3 cr
TKVS001 Organic Chemistry 3 cr
TKVS002 Introduction to Surface Chemistry 4 cr
TKVS003 Hydrometallurgical 3 cr
TKVV005 3D Modelling Continuation Course 3 cr
TK00BS77 Materiaalifysiikka (not translated) 3 cr
YY00BT35 Sports Academy 1 5 cr
YY00BT36 Sports Academy 2 5 cr
YY00BT44 Sports Academy 3 5 cr