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2017_2018_FREE CHOICE in English

KBW490 Dream Team -studies 3 op
KTVP012 Level Design 3 op
KTVP013 Continuation Course in Game Production 3 op
KTVP015 Basics of Game Business 3 op
KLVY044 New Trends in Leadership and Management 5 op
KLVY049 Management Procedures and Strategies 5 op
KLVY050 Organizational Psychology 3 op
KBW016 Business Plan 3 op
KBPI007 Export and Import Routines 3 op
KBW012 Risk Management 3 op
KBPB005 Quality Management 2 op
MTW009 Destination Marketing 3 op
KLVK007 English Conversation 3 op
KBSV04 Basic Swedish 1 5 op
KBRU010 Basic Russian 1 5 op
KBSP010 Basic Spanish 1 5 op
KBFR012 Basic French 3 3 op
KBFR013 French Grammar 3 op
KBFR017 French / Francais et le travail 1 3 op
SSBW006 Sociology of Sports 3 op
MTW111 Transportation and Tourism 3 op
MMWA182 Arctic Guide 5 op
KBW001 Asian Business 3 op
KBW205 St. Petersburg Study Trip 3 op
KTVP020 Continuation Course in Game Business 3 op
KBEN004 English Conversation 3 op
KBFR010 Basic French 1 5 op
KBDE017 Basic German 1 5 op
KBIT010 Basic Italian 1 5 op
SLW153 Downhill Skiing Instructor Course, in english 4 op
SSBW010 Taping and Massage 3 op
SLW112 Applying Exercise Technology with Customers 3 op
SSBW015 Dance 3 op
KTWT247 Basics of Serious Games 5 op
KBW317 Consumer Buyer Behaviour 5 op