Incoming Exchange Student School of Esports Autumn 2023

Second year courses (Choose one module and complement with other 2nd / free choice courses)
KB00BD11 Finnish for exchange students 3 op
BC00BY56 Law Studies 5 op
LB00CD20 Timely Topics in Esports 5 op
KBBO007 Economics 5 op
Event module for 2nd year students (choose all courses)
BC00BY75 Experiential Events 5 op
BC00BY76 Profitable Event Management 5 op
BC00BY77 Field-specific Event Production 5 op
Hospitality module for 2nd year students (choose all courses)
AT00BY61 Congress and Meeting Management MICE 5 op
AT00BY62 Hospitality and Facility Management 5 op
AT00BY63 Managing Customer Experience 5 op
Business module for 2nd year students(choose all courses)
LB00BY72 Integrated Marketing Communications 5 op
LB00BY73 Digital Media Tools for Marketing Purposes 5 op
LB00BY74 Brand Strategies 5 op
Third year courses (Choose all and complement with free choice studies)
KB00BD11 Finnish for exchange students 3 op
BC00BY57 R&D Studies 5 op
BC00BY58 Human Resource Management 5 op
BC00BY59 Leadership and Management 5 op
BC00BY19 New Technologies in Business 5 op
LB00CH83 Service Design 5 op
Free-choice Studies (fully online courses)
LW00BU40 HRM for SMEs 5 op
KB00BU58 Tandem German-Finnish 3 op
LT00BS46 Elements of Artificial Intelligence 2 op
KLVY044 New Trends in Leadership and Management 5 op
KLVY050 Organizational Psychology 3 op
KBW012 Risk Management 3 op
LB00BZ88 Business Transfer and Succession 3 op
KBW380 Export and Import Routines 3 op
KBRU015 Tandem Russian-Finnish 3 op
LB00BK46 Basics of Esports Landscape 5 op
EU00CE51 Mental Conditioning and Psychology 2 op
EU00CE52 Self-development and Coaching 5 op
EU00CE53 Esports Law and Entrepreneurship 5 op