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TEACHING CURRICULUM – the student’s tool

You can study at Kajaani University of Applied Science in our Finnish- and English-taught (international) degree programmes leading to Bachelor's and Master's degrees. In addition, you can deepen your knowledge at the Open University of Applied Sciences and in specialization or further education programmes.

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The curriculum is a tool to plan your studies but also basis for the studies

The curricula for our degree programmes are competence-based and workplace-oriented. The studies consist of:

  • basic studies
  • professional studies
  • advanced professional studies
  • free-choice studies
  • practical training (for Bachelor students only)
  • thesis

The structure of the curriculum and the progression of the different modules are designed to support the student's professional growth. The curriculum is the basis for the student's personalized study plan (HOPS) and it is planned together with the tutor teacher. The learning objectives of the studies described in the curricula are based on the professional competences specific to the field of study and on the common competences defined for all Bachelor and Master degree programmes. These competences provide the basis for working life and the development of expertise.

The common part of the curriculum describes the principles of teaching and students guidance that guide all KAMK studies. The common part of the curriculum can be found from

our website (currently only in Finnish)